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Walk With Me

An experiential activity designed for any age group

Created in response to The Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls To Action

In the experiential activity, “Walk With Me,” participants meet in small groups reading and reflecting upon excerpts from memoirs, poetry, fiction, historical documents, song lyrics and testimonies—by Indigenous writers as well as writings by descendants of immigrants—that address the legacy of colonization. A series of prompts on handouts guide them first in finding elements in the readings that resonate deeply for them, and then in collaboratively crafting brief performative presentations based on their personal associations that emerge. Their performances are then shared with the entire group and an open dialogue begins.

The title of this activity was born when a member of the creative team, Elder Shirley Alphonse, suggested that no one could actually “walk in my shoes” if they have not experienced what she or other Indigenous people have experienced, but perhaps they could instead “walk with me” for a little while.  


Although the project was originally designed as a participatory engagement workshop for faculty and staff at a university, we have broadened this online guide to accommodate use by participants of all ages, whether in schools or in communities.

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