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Step 5

Closure, Reflections, and Looking Forward

Station 5 serves to close the activity in a good way. A series of flyers, wall posters or handouts on tables offer participants a wealth of practical, specific actions they can adopt to build more respectful, sustainable relationships and friendships with Indigenous people and their communities, and how they can actively support aspirations for social justice. Printable PDFs of the posters can be found in the HANDOUTS and SIGNS section


If there is an option to display books by Indigenous authors at this station, participants, by all means do. After having a taste of some short readings in the Walk With Me activity, participants may find themselves hungry to read more and learn more. A stack of index cards and pens on the tables, alongside a message that encourages them to jot down (or photograph) book titles and authors that intrigue them, encourages them to seek out copies to read at their favourite bookstore or library.

If smudging is appropriate within the cultural protocols of your Indigenous partners, perhaps one of them may be willing to offer people the opportunity to engage in a smudging ceremony, as Shirley Alphonse did with our participants, in order to add to the closure of the experience.

As participants prepare to make their way out the exit, you may choose to ask them to fill out a feedback form designed to give them a chance to articulate with relative privacy how the activity was received. By working out the timing for the entire activity, you can schedule the start of each subsequent group to leave the facilitators time for a short break before the next group arrives at the entrance door.

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